About us

Next World in Design

It was from the early beginning, two founders: Lise BORNES, a lawyer by training and graduated in experiential communication and David COSTY, designer. designer.

One key event has triggered this project: Lise’s grandfather’s funeral, this man she so admired.
The pain of losing a loved one is unbearable enough to not have to endure, the day of farewells, a set of anxiety-inducing factors and a stifling atmosphere.
Aesthetes at heart, Lise and David wanted to propose a new approach of the funeral world, innovative and soothing.
It is in this context that an “high-end and design funeral urns” e-commerce website was created, together with a “Death Planner” agency and an exclusive service: “Secret box”.
Lise is passionate about design and “avant-garde”; offset and open by nature, she enjoys upsetting certain social codes.
David is a creative man, a lover of fine materials and craftsmanship.

This union allowed them to move towards the same concept: even gone, you deserve the best.